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Here is some information from the manufactures website. 

Top-Load Cleaning Systems

JRI's TL (Top Load)  line of equipment is perfect for cellular washing or for those installations that need a highly value-added cleaning process in a small space. JRI offers top loaders ranging in size from a 21" turntable to 72" turntable as  standard models, and up to 120” turntable on custom washers. 

Available standard with vertical  pumps, mechanical door seals, sprocket drive system, (as opposed to troublesome tire or chain drive systems) and industrial electrical controls. These systems can include stainless steel construction options, rinse stages, and blow-off stages.

Choose from our standard configuration or request information on our custom units. As a custom application, these diverse machines can be designed with a turntable as large as needed and weight capacities to match. We can even index the turntable for a robotic load and unload.

You supply the projects, and JRI will supply the solution! Contact us today and we will have a representative contact you!


Standard Features:
The TL line of cleaning systems come equipped with the following features as standard:

  • Swing Away Top Manifold ~ Top manifold swivels for easy loading/unloading clearance 
  • Low Water Shut-Off ~ Protect your heat elements from low water conditions 
  • Bushed Stainless Steel V-Jet Nozzles ~  Durability and precise 360 degree cleaning coverage
  • Mechanical Door Seal ~ No rubber seals to replace or leak! 
  • Gear Drive Turntable ~ Over current protection, eliminates slippage associated with friction drive systems
  • Strut or Hydraulic Actuated Lid ~ For increased safety and ease of use. TL-42 and larger have hydraulic actuated lids as standard 
  • Industrial Control Panel ~ NEMA rated electrical closure featuring IEC components with rotary illuminated cam switches and meets NFPA wiring standards for numbering, sizing, color coding, and overload protection
  • Debris Screen ~ Keeps tanks free of larger debris
  • Various Voltages Available ~ 230v 1-phase, 208v 3-phase, 230v 3-phase, 460v 3-phase, 575v 3-phase, Canadian CSA standards and Industrial Upgrades
  • Option Ready Shelf ~ Not sure what options you will need? Our machines come ready for simple Plug-N-Play option installation infield


Optional Features:

  • Disc Style Stainless Oil Skimmer 
  • Stainless Steel Construction - SS Package 
  • Stainless Steel Construction with All Wetted Components- SS2 package (minus pump head) 
  • Auto Water Fill 
  • Low Water Fill 
  • Particulate Bag Filtration 
  • 1 or 2 Function Timers 
  • Insulation Packages 
  • High Pressure/Flow Pumps 
  • Custom Part Fixturing and Spray Manifolds 
  • Power Disconnect 
  • Fresh Water or Re-circulating Rinse Options 
  • Compressed Air or Regenerative Blow-Off Systems heated or non heated

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